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Digging Deeper

In our journey to learn more about who we are, it helps to discover how to dig a little deeper into the unconscious observations we make. Without even realizing it, we instinctively take in information from many sources. Our brains piece things together in ways we don’t always realize, to give us a clearer understanding of situations, without having to consciously process the information. Learning ways to tap into this inner wisdom, or intuition, can help us make better decisions, warn us about impending dangers, increase confidence, and strengthen our connections to each other.

I’ve been practicing digging deeper this year, giving more attention to intuition and listening more intently to inner wisdom. To do this, I’ve been trying to pay more attention, to notice what pops into my head without over analyzing it. I’d like to tell you I’ve been taking more time for solitude and meditation, but that would be a lie. I know that’s when the answers really pop up, but I keep making excuses for why that isn’t happening. I’m hoping the upcoming Just Breathe class with Connie Porazka will help with that!

Exploring these skills has taught me:

  • Everyone is intuitive. We just need to learn to listen.

  • Our inner wisdom talks to us, just like our inner critic does, only quieter.

  • Intuition isn’t necessarily mystical. Our brain naturally works to pull in information from lots of sources all the time, giving us answers from our experience and knowledge.

  • There are different kinds of intuition. Intuition can be driven by different things, such as emotional intuition, driven by the heart.

  • Those of us who are empathic, whose intuition comes from the heart, must learn how to filter the feelings we absorb and strengthen our boundaries.

  • Sometimes I don’t like what my intuition tells me, so I don’t accept it and try to force things in a different direction, even though it’s more stressful and rarely works. (Dang my stubborn streak!)

  • When I can be more flexible about how I want a situation to work out, listening to my inner wisdom and knowing what to do is effortless.

I’m excited that we’re offering classes this month to help us develop these skills. My sister, Jennifer Jean, is coming to town this weekend to do a class with me on Saturday, October 7. We did the Everyday Intuition class in March and had so much fun, Jennifer wants to come back and do it again. I was amazed at how intuitive we all were last time, I can’t wait to see what happens. We’ll help you discover more about your intuition and how to be a better listener.

On Sunday, October 15, we are so fortunate to have internationally known spiritual teacher, Cynthia Killion, at the Finishing School for our Empath Empowerment class for the first time. With all the heartbreaking loss and natural devastation we’ve been experiencing lately, I can’t wait for Cynthia to help us discover how to recharge and increase our positive strengths.

I invite you to take some time for yourself this month, and learn something new just for you. Our October classes are all about seeing yourself in a new way. Become the negotiator you’ve always wanted to be with our Getting What You Want class on Wednesday, October 3. We’ll dig deeper with Creative Bliss Therapy on an art project that helps you find the source of your power and strength on Thursday, October 12 in our Discovering Your Inner Goddess class. We’ll break through whatever is holding us back from our goals with Jenny Wiley on Wednesday, October 25 and discover how to set Better Boundaries on Saturday, October 28.

See you in class!

Headmistress Jill

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