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Is it time to make a change in your life?

That seems like an easy question, doesn’t it?

But the funny thing is, our brains really don’t want us to change. Even when this is no longer working for us, our brain and inner critic will try to convince us that making a change is too uncomfortable and scary to even try.

Are you feeling stuck? 


You don't have to try to figure this out by yourself.



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This one-hour webinar will give you tools to help you start making the changes in your life that are holding you back.


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Study Hall Programs

Study Hall goes beyond Finishing School for Modern Women classes for an in-depth experience focused on digging deeper into topics to help people get unstuck, reinvent their lives with purpose, embrace their power, and live happier, more successful lives on their terms.


Study Hall programs are online courses and coaching developed and led by Jill D. Miller, Headmistress of the Finishing School for Modern Women. Everyone is welcome to attend these programs. 

Study Halls are structured programs of live classes and recorded modules that bring together a community to support each other to learn, grow, and explore together for the entire program.


More than moving you forward in your career, Study Hall is about searching for your purpose, recognizing your capabilities, and becoming the authentic person you are meant to be.

Living With Purpose Study Hall

In the quest to find meaning in our lives, it’s easy to get stuck and not know how we got there and how to change. While most of us aspire to live a meaningful life, it’s easy to lose sight of our purpose when our daily actions don’t pursue these aims. 

In the Living with Purpose Study Hall eight-week online program, we will

  • Narrow the gap between where you are and where you desire to be.

  • Uncover the passions that drive you, the gifts that fuel you, the pain that motivates you, and the context that defines your purpose.

  • Gain feedback, insights, support, and direction from the group’s collective mastermind.  

  • Experiment and test options to refine where your purpose can take you.

  • Develop ideas and small steps to start walking the path of your purpose. 


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