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Panel description:
Looking for ways to add some extra income to your life? Whether they work to add a little disposable income to their piggy banks or depend on the extra income to pay their bills, 45% of Americans work some kind of side job to make more money on top of their main source of income. Once upon a time, people had to take part-time jobs to bring in extra money, but now, thanks to the Internet, the possibilities are endless! In this informative panel discussion, we’ll discover how to get started, which side gigs pay off, what “passive” income really means, and how to turn your hobby into cash.

We are looking for volunteers for our panel about how to get your side gig on. 

In this panel, we're defining a side gig as something that's done to earn money in addition to a regular job as an employee of a business. 

Interested in being on our panel? 

We're looking specially for panelists with certain experiences. Are you?
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