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So Long Patsy

I am devastated to learn of the death of Patsy Terrell. I met Patsy at a Business of Art class I taught at the Hutchinson Art Center. The minute I met her, I loved her. She had so much joie de vivre, it was contagious. Don't even get me started about her fabulous sense of style!

When I saw she was running for office in Hutchinson, I was excited and inspired by all the good work I knew she would do. She certainly didn't disappoint. I am a bit heartened that she went achieved legislation she was proud of, that she undoubtedly worked tirelessly to achieve. I bet she's miffed she didn't get to stay longer to do more!

I hope she's inspired other women to take the chance to run for office. She was one fierce woman. One person can make a difference.

Sparkle on Patsy!

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