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Manifest it!

Meet my Mom's new dog, Larry!

I first learned about manifesting when I was in my 30s. I had friends who believed they could think their way into what they wanted, so I couldn’t resist teasing them a little. I told a friend that I had started visualizing where I would park in crowded lots to find a better space. When my friend told me that she tried it and it really helped her get closer parking, I decided to try it. Since then, I’ve become a believer in the law of attraction. But in all my years since, I’ve never seen someone attract anything as powerfully as my mom did when she manifested a new dog recently.

Not long ago, my mom’s ancient, disoriented dog got out of the house and never came back. We spent days scouring the neighborhood, but that dog was long gone. My mom is usually pretty stoic, but she took that loss super hard and has felt mopey since. Coming to my office to work with my staff has helped distract her a bit, but she’s been biding her time for a new pup until the weather gets better in the spring.

When the days started getting warmer, Mom decided it was time to start thinking about getting a dog again. She stalked the Humane Society and rescue group websites but was discouraged about her chances of getting a dog through an organization since she doesn’t have a fenced-in yard. Her rescue odds were even slimmer because her husband requested they get a poodle since they don’t shed and definitely not a puppy.

Even though she didn’t feel like getting out of the house, Mom drug herself to a workshop I taught on embracing change for the Badass Women of Wichita Alliance earlier this month. For one of the class exercises, everyone was to write a power statement about a change they had the power to control. On cards I handed out, I asked everyone to fill in the blanks that said, “I want to__________, so I can________________. My first step is___________.”

I wasn’t surprised when my mom said, “I want a dog so that I can be happy again.” Mom has been part of many conversations about manifesting from hanging out in my office, but what she had written as her first step surprised me. She said, “Since I probably can’t get a dog through a rescue group, I’ll have to wait until a dog falls into my lap. So I’m putting it into the Universe and see what happens.”

Immediately, the woman across the table from her said, “I have a dog that I need to rehome. He’s an eight-year-old poodle mix named Larry.” We were shocked and could hardly believe she got so lucky so effortlessly. All she did was put it out there, and everything she asked for came to be.

Several days later, we picked up Larry and brought him to his new home. He’s the perfect dog! Larry is smart, sweet, and already trained. Mom lucked out just by asking for what she wanted in the right place and time. It was amazing. It wouldn’t have happened if she hadn’t come to the workshop.

Was this a magical, mystical occurrence that got my mom her dog? I don’t think so. The skeptic that tempted me to tease my friends about what I thought was an oobie doobie idea of “manifesting” is still with me. I have a theory about the law of attraction and how you can make your dreams a reality.

Define what you want.

How can you get what your heart desires when you aren’t clear about what that means? The first step is to clearly define what it is you want. I believe this is the most important step - and the easiest to screw up. So take some time to think and dig deep because this tactic alone will take you far.

Be careful what you ask for!

We have a running joke in our office, “Be careful what you wish for! It may come true!” For example, when I had ankle surgery, I thanked friends who helped me by posting pictures of the meals they brought over while I was balancing on one leg. So many people told me, “I wish I could have surgery so everyone would bring me food!” Nope! I assured people that there are better ways to get some TLC and home cooking than recovering from surgery. Don’t even put those kinds of thoughts out there!

Be specific.

The more complete a picture you have in mind, the closer you’ll get to what you actually crave, not a cheap imitation. Frame what you’re looking for with the same concepts as setting SMART goals. Make your vision-specific, measurable, attainable with a stretch, relevant to you, and time-bound when appropriate.

Plant it!

Plant the specifics of what you would like to manifest securely in your brain. Write it down, think about it, visualize what you yearn for. The object of the game is to get these thoughts anchored into your subconscious so your brain can work on your goals when you’re not even thinking about them.

Create a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I believe a big part of manifesting what you need is self-fulfilling prophesy, the idea that describing a prediction can cause it to come true. I believe that whether we realize it or not, when we focus on what we want, our minds start noticing more patterns and possibilities. Our brains subconsciously help move us closer toward making our dreams come true. It’s much like never noticing a specific car model until you think you might buy one, then what was once invisible becomes the only car you see.

Put it out into the world.

Once you’re clear on what you want, start talking to people about it. You never know what will happen. My mom would still be waiting for a dog to come into her life if she hadn’t talked about it.

The first people I talk to about my vision are the ones I think will be allies in helping me achieve my goals. I want to plant ideas in their subconscious too. It may be a bit of serendipity, but once I hear about something, it’s amazing how often that same topic will come up again from unrelated sources.

Let it go.

Remember the scene in Mary Poppins when the children created a job description of precisely what they were looking for in a nanny? Then, when the list was torn up and tossed into the fireplace, the smoke carried the children’s desires on the wind to Mary Poppins, who, of course, was “practically perfect in every way” for the job.

Whatever your beliefs are - praying about what you need, turning it over to the Divine, becoming receptive to the assistance of the Sage, or sending it out into the Universe, I believe this is another important aspect of manifesting. While I said earlier that I don’t believe manifesting is a mystical process, I believe that having the faith to put trust in a Higher Power is the best way to let go of control. Trying to force things to work out the way we think they should rarely end well and keeps us from seeing better opportunities.

You have the power to change anything you don't love about your life. Manifest what makes you happy!

What is your power statement?


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Dawn Monroe
Dawn Monroe
Mar 31, 2022

Welcome Larry! ❤❤ ~ Dawn

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