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Exploring Intuition

My Siblings and I

I've always felt I was intuitive but didn't really think much about it until about four years ago. I believed that people either were or weren't intuitive and didn't realize that intuition can be increased with practice. I knew my sister Jennifer had worked and studied to enhance her psychic powers, so I reached out to her with questions. Here's her website.

When I started to pay more attention to my intuition, I noticed more interesting coincidences. Driving home from the dog park one day, I started singing a song in the car. Realizing the radio was off, I flipped it on. Amazingly, the same song I was just singing, at the same place in the song, was playing on the radio. What are the odds of that? Was it a fluke or intuition?

This made me start wondering, is everyone intuitive, or just some people? In researching the subject, I found  this article on intuition and how scientists measure it that you might find interesting.

Since then my sister has helped me, and a lot of other people discover how to make the most of our intuition. She's come to Wichita a few times to do our Everyday Intuition class together. I'm not jaded or anything, but she is my favorite co-teacher.

Jennifer is also a music therapist and freelance professional French horn player. She gets to play fun gigs like being in the backup orchestra for The Who, Johnny Mathis, and many more music legends and big shows. Of course, since we've all been safely staying home, all of Jennifer's music performances have been canceled this spring. Embracing the changes, Jennifer has used this time for reinvention.

She's wanted to put more energy into her intuitive practices and teaching, and this break gave her the chance. She's making videos about how to access your intuition and has started a YouTube channel: ThePsychicSceneWithJenniferJean. I couldn't be more of proud of her.

Here's an interview we did together recently.

I've done a little reinventing myself lately. Doing classes through Zoom meetings has helped me realize there are no geographic limitations to our community now. Women have been coming to classes from across the United States, so why can't our co-teachers remote in the same way? The possibilities are blowing my mind.

So to get the ball rolling, Jennifer and I are doing our Everyday Intuition class together this Saturday, May 30th! The class starts at 1 PM Central Time. This class will be offered live through Zoom meetings and also in-person at our new location at 601 N. West Street, Suite 232. You get to choose how you would like to attend when you register.

Everyone is intuitive, just not in the same way. We're going to determine which kind of intuition we have, how to increase it, and how to use this insight in our everyday lives.

See you in class!

Headmistress Jill


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