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Will You Help?

Dear Friend,

Usually I’m the one who people turn to for help and I’m always glad, if I can, to give it. So, I’m not used to asking others to help me and am frankly a little uncomfortable in doing so. But this time it’s too important not to. The future of the Finishing School for Modern Women depends on it.

In September of 2015, I started the Finishing School for Modern Women, with classes designed to help women build their skills and confidence. During my 20 years in small business consulting, I met too many capable, smart women who struggled to own their power personally and professionally. It has been a joy to see those leaving the Finishing School classes with new insights and in some cases, major epiphanies. I knew this was what I was meant to do with my life, but I realized the current model was too limiting.

In 2018, it is my goal to take the Finishing School online, to offer a broader audience what I and co-teachers have shared in over 40 different class topics. The trend toward online education, along with the branding and class content already developed, make this an exciting opportunity. An excellent webmistress and other experienced professionals are collaborating with me to create a quality online learning experience that will be interactive, fun and community-based.

I believe so strongly in the mission of the Finishing School that I started it with my savings. But to have the first classes online by March 2018, I need to raise more money. I’ve started a crowdfunding IndieGoGo campaign that offers you perks in return for project backing. Perks start at $10 and larger amounts bring even better rewards.

I’m committed to making this happen. Will you help? I appreciate any amount you can give to bring the Finishing School for Modern Women to a larger audience. You can learn more at, or call at 316-841-8927, or email me with questions.

With gratitude,


Here's how our online subscriptions will work!

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