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One of the things I like most about the Finishing School for Modern Women is the magic that happens when we're all together. Connecting with other women to exchange ideas, solve problems and laugh is powerful. At every Finishing School class I see people open up and share their thoughts with complete strangers, to walk away feeling stronger and more connected as sisters.

My little sister was in town in March, co teaching the mind blowing Everyday Intuition class. I can't remember the last time we had the chance to be together, just the two of us. Because we hadn't done a project together like this before, I was interested to see how we would work together now. When we were kids, we had fights and could be pretty mean to each other at times, so it could have gone either way. As it turned out, the minute we started working together everything clicked, ideas flowed and we had a blast creating the class and teaching together. So much fun, that Jennifer is coming back on October 7 to do the class again!

My baby sister and I.

As we mature and get busier, it's harder to maintain female friendships. Women who have had close female friends when they were younger, often lose touch with these friends when marriage, babies and life become a bigger part of their lives. Some women felt more comfortable with their male friends when they were younger, and never forged close relationships with other women. Since girls can be very competitive and cruel growing up, some women have been burned more times by so called "girl friends" then any man, and gave up trying to have close women friends.

But, as we get older we need our sisters more than ever, as this article reminded me. They are there for us in crisis and celebration. I personally don't know what I'd do without my Heifer sisters, a private women's club/support group/drinking buddies, I'm fortunate to be a part of. We've seen each other through divorces, deaths and loss; good times, successes and minor miracles. This group of strong women inspired, encouraged and supported me to take a big risk and start the Finishing School. Every day I'm grateful to my sisters and my new circle of sisters I've met through this wild experience.

Thank you all for making this journey with me,

Headmistress Jill

P. S. If you want to discover how to make new friends and business associates, you'll love the Making Connections That Count class on Thursday, May 25!

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