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Now's the time to support our mission! 

We've maintained affordable Badass Women of Wichita event pricing thanks to our allies, allowing all women in our community access to personal and professional growth opportunities regardless of income. Your support is crucial to continuing this mission.


Your support will help fund scholarships for Finishing School for Modern Women programs and Badass events, additional event space costs, promoting events to the community, materials for special events, and more. ​

Support perks:

Support issues that impact the lives of women, families, and our community!

  • Be listed as a supporter on our website or remain anonymous.

  • An electronic Annual Report will be sent at the beginning of the following year to show the impact of your support.

For support of at least $100
Get a signed copy of "Never Finished: Practical advice for Modern Women to inspire your fierce, authentic self," written by
Headmistress Jill

For support of at least $500
Meet with Headmistress Jill for coffee and a chat.

For support of at least $1,000
Headmistress Jill will teach a workshop for your group or business. 

For support of at least $5,000
Get a one-year, all-access pass to our events and classes for you or a guest. (Study Hall classes not included.)

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