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Embracing Change Series on YouTube!

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Change is inevitable! And it’s also exciting. When we take charge of change, it is empowering.

If you’ve been following me for very long, you know I’m always excited about a good reinvention. Every few years, I look at how my businesses are evolving and changing how I do things. I think of it as testing the direction of the wind, like old farmers do when they lick their finger and hold it up in the air, using their pointer like a weathervane to see which side gets the coolest compared to the direction they face.

These reinventions help me see new paths to explore in my quest to live with purpose, which is very much on my mind lately. As I’ve been researching this year’s classes on combatting burnout and living a happier life, the topic of purpose continues to pop up. Apparently, knowing our purpose gives life greater value and meaning and shines a guiding star toward a more fulfilled and contented life. Not fame and fortune as we’ve been as we’ve been taught to believe. (Here's an essay I wrote about finding my purpose.)

Because this has been on my mind so much, I’ve decided to try something new and offer a six-week mastermind program, Living with Purpose, for only 12 people starting mid-January. Since we are the Finishing School for Modern Women and the word “cohort” feels icky to me, my creative team came up with the title Study Hall to describe our program, which is infinitely more creative and fits us to a tee.

Right now, I’m doing research and developing the plan for this program to help women discover, refine, and live their purpose. The ideas are flowing together beautifully, and I’m getting close to launching this program. I can’t wait to tell you more!

Because this is so limited, I am building a waiting list of people interested in participating in this exciting inaugural program. Click the button below to sign up for an exclusive email list and be the first to learn more.

Another action I’ve taken to reinvent myself recently is to start working with the Purpose Driven Business four-month coaching program to help me take my mission on the road, speaking at bigger venues with larger audiences. They work with speakers like me to show us how to make that happen. Learning from experts with experience and knowledge in what I want to know is much faster and easier than trying to do everything on my own.

A big, supportive community of people going through the same things I am while working toward similar goals creates a camaraderie like nothing else. It reminds me of the kinship I felt with the crazy risk-taking types in the entrepreneurship program at Wichita State University and the support I feel from the eccentric writer types in the National Federation of Press Women. As someone who has always been stubbornly independent, I’ve never appreciated the power and unity of community in my life as much as I do now.

The coaching program I’m in has lots of homework and deep introspection. Sometimes, getting it all done can be tricky. Our latest homework assignment is to create an eight-part program on any topic, record it in short videos, and post the videos to YouTube. I’ve recorded half of the series and have been working on getting them edited and online. I haven’t made videos for a while, and they’re super amateurish, so I’m trying to let go of perfectionism and release them into the wild anyway. (I highly recommend Canva’s video editing program.)

Here are the first two parts of my program on Embracing Change. Be gentle with me.

Part 1: Change is Good!

Part 2: The Truths of Change

Much love,

Headmistress Jill


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