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Let it Shine!

Music inspires me. No matter what mood I’m in, there’s a song that fits how I feel – or want to feel. When I want to feel more powerful, I listen to the “Wonder Woman Theme” song. When I’m facing adversity, I turn to “Stand,” by Sly and the Family Stone. Songs pop into my head all the time. Without even thinking about it, these spontaneous songs often have a message for me. I’ve started paying more attention to this.

The song that most recently has been on repeat in my head, is “This Little Light of Mine.” Since I was a little girl in church, this song has been a big influence in my life. When I was a child, I took the meaning very literally. Even today, when I sing this song in my head, I can feel the light that lives inside my heart. The knowledge that we all have this light of love and brilliance living inside us, warms me. When I am in doubt, it reminds me to let my light shine.

Too often, we hide our light. What we all have to offer the world is so amazing, yet we doubt ourselves and let fear keep us from our purpose. I read an article several years ago about self-doubt and how selfish it is not to share our ideas. We think our opinions don’t matter; our ideas stupid. We keep them to ourselves, rather than sharing them with others. Maybe it’s not always the next great breakthrough, but our ideas can reach beyond us to inspire others in ways we don’t even realize. But not if we don’t speak our minds.

Imposter Syndrome, that panicky feeling that we’re really a fraud, and everyone is going to find out, is real. It’s a trick that our inner critic plays to keep us safe. Any time we try to take a risk, this voice of inner-doubt starts picking at us, giving reasons why we should keep our lip zipped and not take a chance. Sure, this could keep us safe from vulnerabilities, but what good does that do? If we don’t take risks, we don’t grow.

One of the missions of the Finishing School for Modern Women is to help you shine your light; to discover your authentic self and become more the women you want to be. This is a challenging journey, and it is much easier made together. Gathering women, to talk about our vulnerabilities and issues is powerful and I am always amazed at the healing energy we create, when our inner light unites.

You are worthy of greatness. Let the world see it.

Headmistress Jill

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