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Career Reinvention 8-Week Course

  • 8Weeks


Are you stuck in your career and don't know what's next? Do you want to live your life with purpose, especially in your career? Work with Headmistress Jill D. Miller one-on-one to break through what's holding you back and guide you on the road to living a purpose-filled, fiercely authentic life. Career Reinvention 8-Week Course Program Week 1: Defining where you are now. Week 2: Searching for Purpose. Week 3: Defining Purpose. Week 4: Creating your ideal career. Week 5: Searching for your next career. Week 6: Resume Refinement. Week 7: Crafting convincing cover letters. Week 8: Negotiating for what you want. To extend your course, sign up for the 12-week program for these additional classes. Weeks 9 - 11 - Follow the suggested curriculum or switch to an optional class. Week 9: Own your power/Speak with power Week 10: Let go of fear, self-doubt, and self-sabotage. Week 11: Boundaries in the workplace. Week 12: Polishing your brand for self-marketing Optional classes: Embracing change. Making connections that count. Public speaking with confidence. Confrontations and tough talks.

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