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Ceiling Breakers

Have you noticed? There’s a lot of Woman Power going on in Wichita! This makes me very happy. Maybe I’m mistaken, but I don’t remember this happening to this extent before. There are many women-based organizations gaining momentum, new leaders emerging, and many inspirational women stepping into passion projects to make our community better. It is so exciting to see women leading the way, in the spirit of comradery and collaboration – not competition.

I think the Women’s March in 2017 may have helped instigate some of this. That action unified women, and gave us a taste of our strength when we come together, and amped up our courage. Of course, not all women felt the March represented them, and some were especially disdainful of the pink hats. We will never have full consensus, all of us agreeing on everything, so we must work together on the things we do agree on. But at least we were listening to each other, even when others haven’t.

We’re continuing to listen to each other, which is helping others muster the bravado to step forward and tell their stories. The #metoo movement is painful, reliving those memories. Every time a beloved icon or public figure is outed as a sexual predator, it hurts. Bill Cosby was particularly disappointing for me. Every time I think about it, I shake my head. However, no matter how painful this is, we’ve got to keep talking about it. That’s how change starts.

This week has been intense and your Jilly is tired. I met today with the Know Your Worth Women’s Leadership Conference committee to plan our keynote speaker for the 2018 conference on September 14. (Mark your calendars now!) I had the honor of being this week’s guest on the ICT Connect Radio’s Ceiling Breaker program on Wednesday. And I’ve been getting ready, with Sarah Ellen, for our Turning Anger into Power class this Sunday. I love being part of this community of Modern Worthy Women!

If you haven’t heard very much about these women’s organizations, it’s because they aren’t getting much press. There are a lot of reasons for that, but the fact remains the same. That’s why I love what Ceiling Breakers are doing, and was happy to accept the invitation to be on the show. Ceiling Breakers is a show on ICT Connect Radio, an internet radio station that has diverse programing. The program, Ceiling Breakers, is hosted by Aerial boss lady Renee Duxler, and Hopping Gnome Brewing Company boss lady Stacy Ward Lattin. The weekly interview show, is a platform for Wichita women entrepreneurs and other inspirational women to discuss topics like leadership, business, causes, feminism, upcoming community events and current topics. It is a great place to learn more about the Women Power movement going on in Wichita, the people involved and how you can participate.

If you didn’t get a chance to watch my episode live, you can see it on the Finishing School’s Facebook page, or on the Ceiling Breakers private group. You’ll have to ask to join the group, but you won’t have any problems getting in. There’s also an audio version on that you can listen to, if you like podcasts better than videos. Check out the other programs Ceiling Breakers have done in the past and meet some of Wichita’s women movers and shakers like our friends at Resister ICT, formerly BitchITA, Marquetta Atkins of WeKan, Brandi Calvert of with Wichita Women’s March and so many others. Your homework is to go check it out!

The more we can do to promote each other and help each other, the better all our lives will be. According to the U. S. Census, there were 10,507 women-owned businesses in Wichita in 2012. I like doing business with women, and try to do so every chance I get. Being an entrepreneur is hard. It’s even harder as a woman – to get funding, to be taken seriously, balancing work and personal life, and so much more.

So, I have a bit more homework for you! Email me and let me know what women-owned businesses you like to work with, buy from, or own. I’m working on ideas for future blogs and would love to have your recommendations to share.

Support your sisters!

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