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Ten Tips for Cutting the Clutter

This is the handout from our Women's Fair 2018 Main Stage presentation.

1. Get curious about clutter.

Evaluate what piles up and where, so you can figure out a different way to organize and store those items.

2. Decide where to start.

Look at what is causing you the most pain and anxiety, that will make the biggest difference

in your life quickly, and start there.

3. Set standards for your spaces.

Come up with your own declutter policies, or boundaries, that work best for you. For example, making your bed every day.

4. Set up an organizational center for big jobs.

It’s better to create a place where you can bring things to organize them, rather than shuffling piles around the same room. Use bins to sort items into categories.

5. Don’t be free storage.

Learn to say “no” to other people’s stuff. If you’re already storing other people’s stuff, set

up a day to help them sort and get rid of what is in your house.

6. Use the RAFT system for paperwork.

The biggest problem at home and offices is taming the paperwork beast. RAFT stands for Read; Action; File; Trash

7. Go digital.

One of the easiest ways to cut down on paperwork is to go digital. Use your phone’s

camera, scanners, online services and apps to make this happen.

8. 10 minutes challenges.

Getting organized doesn’t have to be a time-consuming ordeal. Create 10-minute

challenges to get things done quick, when you have a few minutes.

9. Get help.

Unless you live by yourself, other people have helped accumulate clutter. Don’t do it all

yourself, get help!

10. Celebrate small accomplishments.

Don’t wait unit everything is just how you want it. Celebrate the little things too!

Looking for more tips and trick on cutting clutter? Join co-teacher Jennifer Espinoza and me for our new Clutter Hacks class, coming up Saturday March 31st from 1 to 3:30!

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These are not your grandmother’s etiquette classes. They are about finding our authentic selves; not because we need finishing, but because we’re never finished.

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The Finishing School for Modern Women brings women together, to work on the skills we need today to be more confident and claim our power in business, finance, communication and life. Not because we need finishing, but because we’re never finished!

How it Works Classes are taught by Headmistress Jill and expert co-teachers. Advanced registration is recommended. Each class is $35 ($30 for members), 2 ½ hours long and include a workbook, graduation badge, shop local goodie bag, and connections with other Modern Women.

Meet the Headmistress

Jill D. Miller is passionate about joining women together and creating a fun space to learn from one another. She is a business development consultant, entrepreneurship adjunct professor at Wichita State University, CashMob Wichita founder, zealous volunteer, cultural event enthusiast, rescue poodle owner, social butterfly.


Jennifer Espinoza, Organizational Specialist

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Women’s Fair Special

Sign up for our online classes at the show and get 20% off!

Starting Spring 2018, you’ll be able to take our classes online, anytime, anywhere, through our online class subscriptions. Come to our booth at P-18 to learn more!

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